A new weapon for the war on cancer: a broad-spectrum circulating tumor cell capture agent for diagno

Engineered opsonin protein captures circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream with high efficiency By Lindsay Brownell (BOSTON) − Cancerous tumors are formidable enemies, recruiting blood vessels to aid their voracious growth, damaging nearby tissues, and deploying numerous strategies to evade the body’s defense systems. But even more malicious are the circulating tumor cells (CTCs) that tumors release, which travel stealthily through the bloodstream and take up residence in other parts of the body, a process known as metastasis. While dangerous, their presence is also a valuable indicator of the stage of a patient’s disease, making CTCs an attractive new approach to cancer diagnostics. Unf

Prof. Eujin Um joins the team

Dr. Eujin Um joined the team as of June 1, 2017. Dr. Um has been appointed as a Research Professor, School of Life Sciences at UNIST. She was awarded a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship granted by the Korean Government (Korean President Post-Doc Fellowship), which will support her research at UNIST for the next five years. You can find more information regarding the achievements Eujin has made here.

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