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Peer-Reviewed Journals


Jieung Oh, Ho-Seong Han, Hyundoo Hwang, and Joo H. Kang, A Magnetic bead Array-based Fluorescence immunoassay platform for Robust Cancer biomarker analysis in clinical blood samples, Microfluid. Nanofluidics, 2024, 28 (33).

Yoon H, Kang JH, Cho SW, Park CG, Kim DW, Park TE, Brain decellularized ECM-based 3D myeloid sarcoma platform: mimicking adaptive phenotypic alterations in the brain, Adv. Health. Mater., 2024, 2304371.

Sung Jin Park†, Inwon Park†, Suhyun Kim†, Min Kyu Kim, Seonghye Kim, Hwain Jeong, Dongsung Kim, Seung Woo Cho, Tae-Eun Park, Aleksey Ni, Hankwon Lim, Jinmyoung Joo*, Jae Hyuk Lee*, and Joo H. Kang*, Extracorporeal Blood Treatment using Functional Magnetic Nanoclusters Mitigates Organ Dysfunction of Sepsis in Swine, Small Methods, 2024, 2301428.


Hye-Jin JeongJi-Hyeon ParkJoo H. KangJonathan Sabaté del RíoSeong-Ho Kong*, Tae-Eun Park*, Organoid-Based Human Stomach Micro-Physiological System to Recapitulate the Dynamic Mucosal Defense Mechanism, Adv. Sci., 2023, 10 (7) 2300164.

Park J, Cho SW, Kang JH, Park TE*, Intestinal Peyer’s patches: structure, function, and in vitro modeling, Tissue Eng. Regen. Med., 2023, 20(3):341-353.

Su Hyun Jung, Bong Hwan Jang, Seyong Kwon, Sungjin Park, Tae-Eun Park, and Joo H. Kang*Nematic fibrin fibers enabling vascularized thrombus implants facilitate scarless cutaneous wound healing, Adv. Mater., 2023, 2211149

Back Cover Article. This article also appears in: Hot Topic: Microfluidics.

JW Choi†, M Seo†, K Kim, AR Kim, H Lee, HS Kim, CG Park, SW Cho, JH Kang, J Joo*, TE Park*, Aptamer nanoconstructs crossing human blood-brain barrier discovered via microphysiological system-based SELEX technologyACS Nano, 2023,  17, 9, 8153–8166. †These authors contributed equally to this work. 


Sung Jin ParkSeyong KwonMin Seok LeeBong Hwan JangAxel E. Guzmán-Cedillo, Joo H. Kang*, Human Cell-Camouflaged Nanomagnetic Scavengers Restore Immune Homeostasis in a Rodent Model with Bacteremia, Small, 2022, Oct 6; 18(40), 2203746. †These authors contributed equally to this work. 

Inwon Park, Dongsung Kim, Jae Hyuk Lee*, Sung Jin Park, Hwain Jeong, Sumin Baek, Seonghye Kim, Serin Kim, Ji Eun Hwang, Hyuksool Kwon, Joo H. Kang, and You Hwan Jo, Changes in biomarkers and hemodynamics according to antibiotic susceptibility in a model of bacteremia, Microbiology Spectrum, 2022, Aug 31;10(4):e0086422. 


Min Seok Lee†, Hwi Hyun†, Inwon Park†, Sungho Kim†, Dong-Hyun Jang, Seonghye Kim, Jae-Kyeong Im, Hajin Kim*, Jae Hyuk Lee*, Taejoon Kwon*, and Joo H. Kang*, Quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) of magnetically confined bacteria enables early detection of human bacteremia, Small Methods, 2022. 6, 2101239. †These authors contributed equally to this work. 


Brian Choi†, Jeong-Won Choi†, Hyungwon Jin, Hye-Rim Sim, Jung-Hoon Park, Tae-Eun Park*, and Joo H. Kang*, Condensed ECM-based nanofilms on highly permeable PET membranes for robust cell-to-cell communications with improved optical clarity, Biofabrication, 2021, 13(4) 045020. †These authors contributed equally to this work.

Seon Yong Lee†, Sang-Hun Choi†, Min Seok Lee†, Amanzhol Kurmashev, Hae Nim Lee, Young-Gyu Ko, Kang Hun Lee, Sohee Jeong, Jihye Seong, Joo H. Kang*, and Hyunggee Kim*, Retraction fibers produced by fibronectin-integrin α5 interaction promote motility of brain tumor cells, FASEB J., 2021, 35:e21906. †These authors contributed equally to this work.

Hwi Hyun†, Min Seok Lee†, Inwon Park†, Hwa Soo Ko, Seungmin Yun, Dong-Hyun Jang, Seonghye Kim, Hajin Kim, Joo H. Kang*, Jae Hyuk Lee*, Taejoon Kwon*, Analysis of the blood microbiome in a porcine model of fecal-induced peritonitis, Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol., 2021. 11:676650. †These authors contributed equally to this work.

Seyong Kwon†, Jieung Oh†, Min Seok Lee, Eujin Um, Joonwoo Jeong, and Joo H. Kang*, Enhanced diamagnetic repulsion of blood cells enables versatile plasma separation for biomarker analysis in bloodSmall, 2021, 2100797. †These authors contributed equally to this work. (Back cover)


Eujin Um*, Minjun Kim, Hyoungsoo Kim, Joo H. Kang, Howard A. Stone, Joonwoo Jeong*, Phase synchronization of fluid-fluid interfaces as hydrodynamically coupled oscillatorsNat. Comm., 2020, 11, 5221.

Seyong Kwon,†, Amanzhol Kurmasheva,† Min Seok Lee, and Joo H. Kang*, An inflammatory vascular endothelium-mimicking microfluidic device to enable leukocyte rolling and adhesion for rapid infection diagnosis, Biosens. Bioelectron. 2020,168, 112558. †These authors contributed equally to this work.

Taeseong Woo, Soo Hyun Jung, Cheolwoo Ahn, Byungjae Hwang, Hyunggee Kim, Joo H. Kang, Jung-Hoon Park*, Tunable SIM: observation at varying spatiotemporal resolutions across the FOV, Optica 2020, 7(8), 973-980. 

Joo H. Kang*, Multiscale biofluidic and nanobiotechnology approaches for treating sepsis in extracorporeal circuits

, BioChip J. 2020, 14, 63–71. (Invited Review Article)


Thao Nguyen†, Su Hyun Jung†, Min Seok Lee, Tae-Eun Park, Suk-kyun Ahn*, and Joo H. Kang*, Robust chemical bonding of PMMA microfluidic devices to porous PETE membranes for reliable cytotoxicity tests of drugs, Lab Chip 2019, 19, 3706-3713. †These authors contributed equally to this work.

Amanzhol Kurmashev,† Seyong Kwon,† Je-Kyun Park, and Joo H. Kang*, Vertically sheathing laminar flow-based immunoassay using simultaneous diffusion-driven immune reactions, RSC Adv. 2019, 9, 23791-23796. [Gold Open Access] †These authors contributed equally to this work.

Bong Hwan Jang†, Seyong Kwon†, and Joo H. Kang*, Measuring magnetic susceptibility of subtle paramagnetic solution using diamagnetic repulsion of polymer microparticles, Lab Chip 2019; 19, 2356-2361. (Appears in the Emerging Investigator Series of Lab on a Chip and Lab on a Chip Recent HOT Article) †These authors contributed equally to this work.


Soo Hyun Jung, Seyong Kwon, Eujin Um, Sungyoung Choi*, Joo H. Kang*, Advection flows-enhanced magnetic separation for high-throughput bacteria separation from undiluted whole blood, Small 2018; 14(34) e1801731. 

Jungho Ahn, Chong-Su Cho, Seong Woo Cho, Joo H. Kang, Sung-Yon Kim, Dal-Hee Min, Joon Myong Song, Tae-Eun Park, Noo Li Jeon,  Investigation on vascular cytotoxicity and extravascular transport of cationic polymer nanoparticles using perfusable 3D microvessel model. Acta Biomaterialia 2018; 76:154-163.


Sein Oh, Su Hyun Jung, Hyekyeong Seo,  Mun-Kyeong Min, Joo H. Kang*, and Sungyoung Choi*, Magnetic activated cell sorting (MACS) pipette tip for immunomagnetic bacteria separation. Sens. Actuators B Chem. 2018; 272, 324-330.


Kang JH, Driscoll H, Mammoto A, Watters LA, Melakeberhan B, Diaz A, Super M, Ingber DE, An Engineered Human Fc-mannose-binding-lectin captures circulating tumor cells. Adv. BioSys. 2017; 1700094. (Front Cover Article)


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Cartwright M, Rottman M, Shapiro NI, Seiler B, Lombardo P, Gamini N, Tomolonis J, Watters AL, Waterhouse A, Leslie D, Bolgen D, Graveline A, Kang JH, Didar T, Dimitrakakis N, Cartwright D, Super M, Ingber DE.  A broad-spectrum infection diagnostic that detects pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) in whole blood. EBioMedicine 2016; 9, 217-227.

Kang JH, Driscoll H, Super M, Ingber DE. Application of a Halbach magnetic array for long-range cell and particle separation in biological samples. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2016; 108, 213702. (Editor's Pick)





Kang JH, Um E, Diaz A, Driscoll H, Rodas MJ, Domansky K, Watters AL, Super M, Stone HA, Ingber DE. Optimization of Pathogen Capture in Flowing Fluids with Magnetic Nanoparticles. Small 2015; 11 (42), 5657-5666. (Front Cover Article)


Tohid F. Didar, Cartwright M, Rottman M, Graveline A, Gamini N, Watters AL, Leslie DC, Mammoto T, Rodas MJ, Kang JH, et al. Improved treatment of systemic blood infections using antibiotics with extracorporeal opsonin hemoadsorption. Biomaterials 2015;67:382-392. 





Kang JH, Super M, Yung CW, Cooper RM, Domansky K, Graveline AR, Mammoto T, Berthet JB, Tobin H, Cartwright MJ, et al. An extracorporeal blood-cleansing device for sepsis therapy. Nat. Med. 2014;20(10):1211-1216. 


Shemesh J, Aryeh TB, Avesar J, Kang JH, Fine A, Super M, Meller A, Ingber DE, Levenberg S. Stationary nanoliter droplet array with a substrate of choice for single adherent/nonadherent cell incubation and analysis. PNAS 2014;111(31):11293–11298.





Kanapathipillai M, Mammoto A, Mammoto T, Kang JH, Jiang E, Ghosh K, Korin N, Gibbs A, Mannix R, Ingber DE. Inhibition of mammary tumor growth using lysyl oxidase-targeting nanoparticles to modify extracellular matrix. Nano Lett. 2012;12(6):3213-3217.


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Book Chapters




Joo H. Kang, Young Ki Hahn, Kyu Sung Kim, and Je-­Kyun Park (2008) “Magnetophoretic Biosensing and Separation using Magnetic Nanomaterials”, In: Challa S. S. R. Kumar (ed), Magnetic Nanomaterials. Nanomaterials for the Life Sciences, Vol. 4. Wiley-­VCH;; pp. 77-­ 118, 2009. (ISBN: 978-­3-­527-­32154-­4)



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