How to diagnose systemic infections much more quickly and reliably

To date, there are no methods that can quickly and accurately detect pathogens in blood to allow the diagnosis of systemic bloodstream infections that can lead to life-threatening sepsis. The standard of care for detecting such blood-borne infections is blood culture, but this takes days to complete, only identifies pathogens in less than 30% of patients with fulminant infections, and it is not able to detect toxic fragments of dead pathogens that also drive the exaggerated inflammatory reactions leading to sepsis. (A full story can be found at the Wyss Press Release website.) The paper was published in eBiomedicine, which is a newly launched medical journal supported by Cell Press and Lance

A blood cleansing device to treat sepsis

Blood-cleansing biospleen device was developed for sepsis therapy and published in Nature Medicine ( This work was featured in Washington Post, Harvard Gazette, HMS News, The Wyss Institute News Letter,Nature, Science AAAS Latest News, The Scientist, Yahoo News, Medical Express, Laboratory Talk, Daily Mail (UK), Korea), BRIC (한빛사), and KBS News. See Article Metrics in Altmetric- It scored 361, scoring higher than 99% of its contemporaries out of 136,180 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals.

Celebrating our new papers!

Celebrating our new papers published in Nature Medicine and Nature Biotechnology, recently (2014) The photos representing TLP (Tethered-liquid Perfluorocarbon) and FcMBL beads attached on S.aureus and E.coli were printed on the cake.

Received the Baxter Young Investigator Award 2014

08.04.2014 Joo Kang was selected to receive the Baxter Young Investigator Award 2014. The Awards ceremony will be held in the Baxter R&D center, IL on September 18th, 2014. (

Young Frontiers in Bio and Brain Engineering

Joo Kang gives a seminar in the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering at KAIST, Daejeon, Korea, November 20, 2013. (invited as one of the Young Frontiers in Bio and Brain Engineering) (

10,000 Page Views

The Biospleen Paper published in Nature Medicine hit 10,000 Page Views (within 5 months after online publication on September 14th, 2014.)

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